Yoga for School Kids

A Yoga Camp was organized on the 18th and 19th April 2011, at St. Fidelis Sr. Sec. School, Aligarh, UP. Around 500 children from class 10-12 participated in the event which introduced them to the benefits of yoga. With a strength of more than 3000 children, St. Fidelis ranks among the best schools of the city.

The kids were taught simple standing postures, Surya namaskaras, sitting postures and also some forward bendings. The asanas were taught in a dynamic way which involved many speedy movements, because such movements activate unused joints and muscles, reduce stiffness in the body and invigorate the mind. Undoubtedly, all students fully enjoyed the movements and creativity provided by the asanas.

In the evening our yoga team was deeply touched as it visited the Savio Navjeevan Bal Bhavan, a home for homeless children from the streets and railway

Vladimir Malutin