Visit of the Palestinian Singer Rim Banna

On 4th December 2006, Patanjala Yoga Kendra received Rim Banna, a world-famous Palestinian Singer, composer and song-writer from Nazareth. She was accompanied by her husband Leonid Alexeienko, daughters Baylassan, Qumran and son Ursalem. Rim Banna is a well-known shining star in the world of modern Arabic music. Her super hit albums include "The Mirrors of My Soul", "Kryberrom", "Al-Quts:The Everlasting", "This was not my Story" and many children albums. Her beautiful voice appears also in various films. Her struggle for justice in Palestine along with that of her mother Zuhaira Sabbagh, a poet, painter and photographer, has been depicted in a film called "Al-Sabbar". She has been honored with the title of "Ambassador of Peace" by Italy and awarded by the highest Award of Palestine. While taking a break from her tours in various countries Rim Banna stayed in the center for a month for a spiritual retreat spending her time in singing prayers and reading holy texts in the presence of Shri Prabhuji, whom she considers her spiritual father.

However, several programs were organized that she performed as a token of love from Palestine to the people of Bharata (India). Her performances included a fundraising concert to support the charity work of Savio Navjeevan, a street children's home in Aligarh. In Agra, the city of the Taj Mahal, over 2000 children and teachers from various schools attended her concerts.

On the 30th December 2006, she presented a concert to the Yoga Students of the Patanjala Yoga Kendra, which was attended by some prominent monks, yoga students and teachers from various countries around the globe. She sang Sanskrit prayers, some of the most beautiful lullabies in Arabic and songs from her latest super-hit album "The Mirrors of My Soul". As queen of a hauntingly mystical voice she was completely successful in winning the hearts of her audience from India and other countries. 

Vladimir Malutin